About Us
WebExams is the answer to every teacher's nightmares! Are you tired of spending countless hours on compiling exam papers and class tests? We have the perfect answer for you! WebExams is an online application where teachers from all over South Africa help each other to compile quality, CAPS approved class tests or exam papers. From as little as R57,00 per month on a 12 month subscription any teacher can utilize this tool and browse through multiple questions and answers.
Build as many exam papers or class tests as you need online by simply selecting your preferred questions. Your paper will be created online in Afrikaans and English together with your memorandum (and even an answer sheet for those subjects that need them)! Just download, print or email your paper. Your papers will be stored in your personal database online. No more copy, cut and paste from old papers! All your exam material will be stored online in one place, ready for selection in any class test, term test, revision work or exam papers.
WebExams will enable you to do the following:
  1. Select specific questions for your paper from the WebExams question bank compiled by contributions from other teachers nation wide
  2. Edit questions from the WebExams question bank to your personal preference and then select these questions for your paper
  3. Add you own questions to your personal question bank and store them online, available for future selection for your papers
  4. After downloading your created paper you can further fine-tune your paper as it is downloaded in MS Word format
And because we add new questions after every term (anyone can contribute questions with memorandums), the database of questions that you can choose from will increase continuously! WebExams is currently providing this service to teachers from Grade 4 -12.
The following subjects are currently covered:
1. Accounting (Gr8-12)
2. Afrikaans EAT-IMF(Gr4-6)
3. Afrikaans EAT-SF (Gr7-9)
4. Afrikaans EAT-VOO (Gr10-12)
5. Afrikaans HT-IMF (Gr4-6)
6. Afrikaans HT-SF (Gr7-9)
7. Afrikaans HT-VOO (Gr10-12)
8. Agricultural Science FET (Gr10-12)
9. Agricultural Technology FET (Gr10-12)
10. Arts and Culture IMP (Gr4-7)
11. Business Studies FET (Gr10-12)
12. Computer Applications Technology FET (Gr10-12)
13. Consumer Studies FET (Gr10-12)
14. Creative Arts SP (Gr7-9)
15. Economic and Management Studies IMP (Gr4-6)
16. Economic and Management Studies SP (Gr7-9)
17. Economics FET (Gr10-12)
18. English FAL-FET (Gr10-12)
19. English FAL-IMP (Gr4-6)
20. English FAL-SP (Gr7-9)
21. English HL-FET (Gr10-12)
22. English HL-IMP (Gr4-6)
23. English HL-SP (Gr7-9)
24. Geography FET (Gr10-12)
25. Hospitality Studies FET (Gr10-12)
26. Information Technology FET (Gr10-12)
27. Life Sciences FET (Gr10-12)
28. Life Skills IMP (Gr4-6)
29. Mathematics FET (Gr10-12)
30. Mathematics IMP (Gr4-6)
31. Mathematics SP (Gr7-9)
32. Maths Literacy FET (Gr10-12)
33. Natural Science and Technology IMP (Gr4-6)
34. Natural Science SP (Gr7-9)
35. Physical Science FET (Gr10-12)
36. Social Science IMP (Gr4-6)
37. Social Science SP (Gr7-9)
38. Technology SP (Gr7-9)
39. Tourism FET (Gr10-12)
If you want to contribute your own questions contact us via email. (See below)
Email us at admin@webexams.co.za